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Ideas that drive the dance making

My creative interests lie at the intersection of bodies and objects. I primarily identify as a choreographer but my work is an equal parts combination of things, spaces, and people and therefore my collaborators are visual artists and architects. Together we create performances which speak to the agency of things and the materiality of the body. Through choreography I work on embodying the physical world of things as an antidote to our heavily virtual and mediated existence. My approach to choreography includes the accumulation hundreds of vernacular gestural movements and applying precision, idiosyncratic rhythms, and detail to shape it. In doing so, everyday banal actions are elevated offering a new aesthetic attention to what is often overlooked. 

Collaboration is also at the heart of dance making. Many minds, including musicians, lighting designers, technicians, set designers, and other dancers, go into the creation of new work. As a director it is my responsibility to respect their contributions with space, time, and fair compensation. I am also committed to collaborating across disciplines. 

Photo Robbie Sweeny


Photo Robbie Sweeny

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