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monthly movement class series on physical expression and embodiment

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Through simple movement structures, partnering, solo exploration, and writing reflections we will deepen our connection between mind and body and the creative space within.

Learn to think on your feet, move from your gut, create compositions, respond to the moment and invent new worlds, all within community. Norms for establishing a safe container will be stated at the beginning of each session.

Open to everyone. Artists, dancers, musicians, athletes, writers, and creatives of all kinds are encouraged to attend. No prior experience necessary, all abilities welcome.


2 hours


Register by emailing

Each session will be focused on a theme. 

Session 3


Saturday May 6, 2023


Bancroft Street Market


Session 2

Proxemics (study of the space between people)

Saturday April 1, 2023



Previous sessions: 

Session 1:

Walk, Sit, Stand


Sunday February 26, 2023


Bancroft Street Market

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